Murter Island


The island of Murter with an area of ​​19 km2 is the largest in the Shibenik archipelago. The soil is hilly and karst, and arable land is rare, but there are plantations of olives, figs and almonds and many vineyards. Murter is a good place to organize a visit to the Kornati National Park. Not only that the island is closest to the Kornati, but many residents own the property there and may be able to take you there by boat. Otherwise, many tourist agencies take trips to the national park. There are five settlements on the island of Murter. The main village is Murter in the northwest. North of the settlement of Murter are the remains of Roman houses with water cisterns. Along the steep and indented southern coast is the bay Slanica with shallow waters and fine sand, bordered by pines and olive trees. The beach is popular with families during the day, but at night the regional entertainers head to the beach bars and dance under the stars. Another good place for the beach is the village of Tisno which has two beautiful pine edge beaches. In summer, Tisno is the site of several popular music festivals: Soundwave Festival, Love International, Electric Elephant and SunceBeat. South of Tisno is Jezera, which has a small port. Although they are named after the lakes that form after the rain, most visitors come because of the pleasant beach. To the northeast is the village of Betina, which has a sandy beach and a marina. It is a traditional fishing village and there are boats for rent. The island of Murter is connected to the mainland by a drawbridge in Tisno. The bridge is usually open for 30 minutes every morning and late afternoon.

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Murter Island
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I am always eager to visit this heavenly island. I particularly love the sightseeing tours when kayaking and canoeing, while admiring the panoramic beautiful views of this island. I cannot wait for my next trip!
Murter Island is a very lovely island. I and the girls always love the beaches found here that are clean, sandy, and not crowded. Swimming here and basking leaves us very excited. We recommend this island for all fun lovers.
My family and I visit this island on a regular. We especially love taking boat trips to watch the dolphins play. My babies find this experience thrilling and are always eager to visit. We recommend this island to all families.
This island is a dream come true for adventure lovers. I really enjoyed taking the yacht trips to admire the pristine Adriatic seawater and the incredible scenery of this island. This island is just enchanting!
very good!!!