Cigradja Beach


Chigradja is a pebble and rocky beach, 2 kilometers away from Murter. It is an ideal choice for parents with children since there are no big crowds and the entrance to the sea is gentle. The seabed is sandy. There is no natural shade on the beach, so it is good to bring an umbrella or similar sun protection. There will be something for everyone in the bars and restaurants on the beach - from cold drinks to local culinary specialties.

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public beach



Place Location

Put Čigrađe 6, 22243, Murter


(4 reviews)
The beach is pebbled & rocky and has a gentle entry to the sea . It was fun being at this beach asit wasn't crowded. I relaxed and walked on the sandy seabed, the only disadvantage was that there are no natural shades so it's advisable to carry an umbrella and sunscreen. The bars and restaurants make the visit even better.
First of all this pebble & rocky beach has no big crowds and has a gentle entrance to the sea ideal for a family visit. I found it fun to just visit this beach and relax and walk on the sandy seabed, the only downside there are no natural shades so best to carry an umbrella and sunscreen, the bars and restaurants make the visit even more worth it.
I really love beaches that have a gentle entrance, it made it ideal for my kids to have a swim at the shallow places, the sandy beach was also a great playground for them. I myself was pleased with the environment it offered and watching the sunset at the horizon was tranquilizing
very good!!!
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