Guscica bay Beach


Guscica beach near Jezera is located in a bay about 2 kilometers south of the village center. If you have rented an apartment, room or holiday home in Jezera, you will arrive here by a short drive in a car that you can park nearby. The bay is rocky and without additional facilities, so equip yourself with your own drinks and food and enjoy the long summer days.

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public beach



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Murter 22242, Jezera


(4 reviews)
I loved how close the beach was to the hotel I had booked. Every afternoon I would spend my time there enjoying the cool breeze from the sea while reading my novel.
This place is nice for introverts since it is not crowded. There is a rocky bay but you'll have to carry your own food and drinks since there are no restaurants around. It is ideal for someone who needs to stay away from a busy place.
The beach was okay even though there were no restaurants around to grab drinks in case you ran out of the ones you packed. The beach is also less crowded which was okay for some alone time.
very good!!!
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