Church of St. Constantius


The Church of St. Constantius in Jezera was built at the end of the 18th century. St. Constantius is a protector against malaria, a disease from which the inhabitants of Jezera often died. Legend has it that the stones for building the church were carried by malaria sufferers. In the third stage of malaria, the patient has a high fever. Thus, patients dressed in thick clothes would carry stones along the hill, during the summer heat. Sweating, they would reach the top and recover because the cause of malaria dies at a body temperature of 39-40 ° C. The church was badly damaged during World War II, but was rebuilt in 1994 at the initiative of the locals. 

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This small church is located on a small hill. The view from the top is magical. This church was built in the 18th Century. I really enjoyed bird watching at its compound. Its interior is quite ancient though its in a perfect condition.
very good!!!
This chuch was quite ancient. I loved how its heritage has been preserved.. touring this church and understandig its history was fascinating
The church has a beautiful site with amazing history and legendary stories. The views of the landscape are awesome and superb.
It has a beautiful site on a small hill that we had a small walk to the place that is directed properly. It has rich history with amazing legends and panoramic view of the landscape.
I had a small walk around the church and loved the environment. The church has a great history that dates back in time to some good stories. I loved the beautiful architectural building that the church has and showcases the awesome design and ideas. The church is located on a hill and has amazing views of the landscape. The interior design of the church is fantastic and lovely as well as the altar on the front.
It was super fun to learn the great history about the church with the help of friendly guides who left no information untouched. Ideal for historians
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