Slanica Beach


Slanica Beach is one of the pearls of the Shibenik Riviera, located on the tourist island of Murter. This sandy beach with concrete and rocky areas and shallow sea is the perfect scene for 'picigin' players. Young couples, older people, families with children, will all find fun on Slanica Beach. Sports, entertainment and various activities for children attract tourists who can reach the beach by car thanks to the nearby parking area.

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public beach


Murter Island

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Matije Gupca 2, 22244, Murter


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we got entertained by the locals who were showcasing their traditions. We took pictures with mum and she was very delighted. it was lovely.
My fiance and i enjoyed the sandy beach that offered a perfect swim at the shallow sea. He later joined some players who were playing picigin a game played on shallow ends of the sea.
The sandy beach is easily accessible by vehicle. There is enough parking space. it is suitable for everybody; young couples, families with children, older couples ...The clear blue waters are just ideal for a perfect swim. there is a natural shade, thanks to the trees n the vicinity.
My mom and I enjoyed being to this clean Beach which had amazing buildings. Being that mum was diabetic, she was served special meal from the nearby restaurant. it was fun.
My family decided to go on the trip to the sandy beach with concrete and also rocky. The place is unique and offers activities that are entertaining and awesome for the vacation trip to the beach. It was worth the visit for me to the destination.
very good!!!
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