Church of St. Micael


Church of St. Micael is the most famous church in Murter. A beautiful park leads to it, which is why the church is also known as the most beautiful in the whole town. It was built in the middle of the 16th century and has been rebuilt and arranged many times. A high-quality Baroque altar, made by masters Pio and Vicko dell'Acqua, has been preserved from the older times. The altar is made of white, Carrara marble with the figures of St. Jerome, St. Cyril and the Mother of God. The icon of the Cretan-Venetian school can also be seen in the church.

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Kornatska ul. 48, 22244, Murter


(8 reviews)
very good!!!
I got to learn deeper aspects of theology. The architecture of the building also impresed me tremendously.
The church of St Michael is an amazing place. I learnt the historical religion of croatia through the unique sculptures and stories we were told.
When I visited this church, its pretty dope entrace just gave goosebumps. Its magnificent structural design was breathtaking
I visited the famous church of st Michael and I must say it did not dissappint.the altars are a must see and i I had fun gathering with the elderly for some of folk stories
Wonderful baroque and the interior is beautiful and we loved the sight of it. The statues are amazing and wonderful.
Going to the library of St Michael church was exceptional. I was amazed by the vast resources and books written during the old age.
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