Church of Our Lady of Gradina


The Church of Our Lady of Gradina is the oldest church in this area. It is an early Christian church from the 6th century, and was reconstructed in the 17th century, when a semicircular apse was added. It is located on the ruins of the Roman Colentum and is a cultural monument, while today here is a common cemetery of Murter and Betina.

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Place Location

Put Gradine 46, 22244, Murter


(7 reviews)
very good!!!
Our adventure to our lady of Gradina was amazing. The cultural monument is a rich heritage for religious histories. Amazing place.
This historic church boasts of its ancient design. I visited this church and its compound was pretty amazing even though it was just windswept. Its interior was divine.Touring this church and getting to know its history was fabulous.
The church is a cultural monument and has a cemetary and is lovely from the exterior amd interior. The ruins were amazing to see and we loved the place.
I loved how simple the church was. Its structure was easy to interpret, the inside was not so complicated as well it had simple paintings and arrangement.
The outer consruction of the church showcases a simple yet vey firm style. I loved the simplicity of the exterior architecture
I loved its historical journal collection. It helped me understand its history more and it has a very peaceful surrounding
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