Church of St. Francis of Assisi


Church of St. Francis of Assisi is one of the recognizable symbols of Betina, and its Baroque bell tower stands out in particular. The church was built in 1601, while the magnificent Baroque bell tower was made by the Šibenik builder Ivan Skoko in 1752. This is the only church on Murter that is included in the list of cultural properties. Its interior is richly decorated with seven altars and numerous statues and paintings.

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Žal, 22244, Betina


(8 reviews)
very good!!!
The bell tower of this church is beautiful and prehistoric. Its barosque style thrilled me. Stargazing within its surrounding was something memorable.
Church of St Fransis Assisi is a distintictive landmark. It offers a clear view point that is a masterclass. A great church with unique building
This church is located on top of a hill. It boasts of its ancient painting and statues. My view from the top was amazing. I enjoyed reding my book since the surrounding was quiet and peaceful
I attended the church's services in one of the days. The service is done in an organized manner.
The ancient bell tower on top of the church serves as a significant landmark. I also loved the decoration of the various altars in the church.
I fell in love with its exterior and interior design. The floors were colorful and the ceiling design was very authentic.
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