Plitka vala Beach


Plitka vala is a pebble-sandy beach, 2 kilometers from the center of Betina. This beach is an ideal choice for parents with small children because of the gentle entrance, shallow sea and small pebbles. Nearby there is a grassy part, where there are a lot of trees and shade, but in other parts, there is no natural shade, so it is good to bring an umbrella or similar sun protection. Near the beach are a children's playground and a bar. There is a camp nearby, whose recreational and sports facilities you can use even if you are not a guest of the camp. The beach can be easily reached by car.

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public beach



Place Location

Plitka vala bb, 22243, Betina


(4 reviews)
I enjoyed visiting this beach with my family, the kids especially loved it. I Loved the shade from the large number of trees present in this pebble-sandy beach. The children's playground makes it ideal for small children coupled with the shallow sea. My husband enjoyed the recreational and sports facilities offered in the nearby camp. It is fairly crowded but worth the visit.
I was able to come here by car since i was staying in the nearby town Betina, i was looking for a place to let loose and enjoy myself and this was the place, there was a small camping site and the shallow waters for swimming were ideal for my little getaway. i was happy with this vacation
I enjoyed my visit to this beach with my family, the kids won't stop talking about that weekend. The many trees in this sandy pebble-beach provided a lot of shade . The children's playground was great for small children ,the shallow sea too. My husband and I enjoyed the recreational and sports amenities at the nearby camp. It is generally crowded but worth the visit.
very good!!!
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