Marchana is a municipality in the southeast of Istria with numerous areas of untouched nature and valuable historical monuments.

This is an ideal destination for all those looking for a different holiday, away from the summer crowds and busy resorts. 36 kilometers of pristine sea coast of the area is the least urbanized coastal zone in Istria, with crystal clear sea and lush greenery in the hinterland.

Experience the beauty of small places in the area and discover parts of Istrian history in picturesque bays, interesting churches and the ruins of ancient settlements.
We also invite you to taste some local regional specialties in several arena restaurants.

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I had a terrific time in Marčana as I enjoyed sumptuous meals in the gorgeous eateries. I enjoyed good food at great prices.
We were impressed to notice in Marčana that there are some who keep beautiful livestock. They have specialised in producing products like cheese.
I was enchanted to find out that Marčana is a great place for night life. My boyfriend and I enjoyed our time as at night the people come out to have a good time.
We were impressed to take walks in and around Marčana as it is surrounded by extraordinary views. They have good apartments that one can book and stay while around.
We came to Marčana and we had a great time at the zipline tours where we enjoyed scenic views. It was such a nice trip. The people here are jovial and welcoming to visitors.
very good!!!