Sisan is a historical settlement in southern Ista, within the municipality of Lizhnjan. It is located in the middle of a fertile agricultural area surrounded by forests (Magran-Cuf). The village nurtures tradition, so its inhabitants are most often engaged in traditional processing of vines, olives, grain production, livestock.The lords of this area took turns: the bishops of Pula, the noble families of Morosini and Sergi, Castropola. The area was ravaged by plagues in the 15th and 16th centuries, so the Venetian authorities granted certain estates to Dalmatian and Greek refugees.Interestingly, not far from Sisan at a height of 90 meters, gently rises a hill called Monte Madonna (Saint) according to legend, or the church that was built there in the Middle Ages. The view from it is the most beautiful of all views. At the foot of the hill, Kvarner crashes against the sanded rocks and quietly kisses the sandy beaches of the small bays of the ports of Cuie, Cale dei Cani, Malagatta and Val Bado. Then, in a game of turquoise stripes, it stretches all the way to Punta Nera (Black Punta), and then the open sea disappears in pearly colors.

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