The small village of Valtura is located very close to Pula Airport, about 6 kilometers from the center of Pula. It is connected with Lizhnaj and Pula. It is known for several archeological discoveries, especially in Nesactium which is only 2 km away from Valtura.Locals who want to escape from the routine city crowds come here in peace and quiet. This Istrian village is small and tame, and the presence of nearby Nesactium is another attraction. Namely, in pre-Roman times Nesactium with its legendary king Epulon was the capital of the tribal population of the peninsula called Histri. In 177 BC the city was defeated by the Romans and destroyed. Rebuilt according to the original Hysterical model, it was a Roman city until 46-45. pr. BC, when the ancient Greek colonies of Polai were elevated to Pietas Iulia, today Pula.Valtura is definitely a great city for vacation, and due to its favorable location you have the opportunity to plan great activities - sightseeing and exploring Pula and surrounding cities, active vacation and recreation in nearby Premantura or a visit to the Brijuni National Park.

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