Jadreski (Italian: Giadreschi), a village only 5 km northeast of Pula.It was created by the settlement of refugees from the hinterland of Zadar (Iadera), at the end of the 16th century. In 1580, it was also inhabited by refugees from Cyprus.It is located in a fertile agricultural area, surrounded by forests and fields, so its inhabitants are engaged in traditional farming (vines, grain, olives) and especially small livestock and the production of meat and dairy products.The immediate vicinity of ancient Pula is a great choice for a day trip and exploring this part of Istria.

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This was a great choice for our day trip with my friends. We visited the farms around where agricultural farming is practiced, in the farms we explored how different vines, olives and grains are grown. We also bought some of the wines, olive oils and grains as souvenirs back home.
This place was rich in olives and vines. They also kept livestock and sold produce of meat and milk products. I visited some of the farms and I was amazed by the activities that took place there. I learned a lot about how olive oil was made.
I found the place a beautiful destination to just have a change of scenery and feel, most of the inhabitants are nice people who are eager to give you a tour of their village and even allow you to taste some of their products. Coupled with this experience, I got the chance to explore ancient Pula, a nice experience to say the least.
very good!!!