Muntich is a site with a rich history, located 13 km southwest of Pula. There is no place for entertainment in Muntich (you can find it in the nearby towns of Pula and Medulin), so it is an ideal destination for a quiet family vacation in nature.

Muntich is a village in the municipality of Lizhnjan, but apart from his administrative affiliation, he has little in common with it. Least bus lines. But they also connect Muntich and Lizhnjan with Pula, whose satellites, so to speak. Although the name Muntich comes from the Latin word "mons" or "monticulus", which means hill or hill, do not expect a point with a panoramic view here in southern Istria, it is a very gentle hill with a barely noticeable ascent. The good side is that the inhabitants of Muntić do not have to press on some slopes, but have places to spread as if they were in the plain and breathing with full lungs in their dozen streets and alleys. Here, childhood is certainly remembered for cycling and scootering.

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