Medulin Bay


Medulin Bay is a shallow area, located between Cape Kamenjak and Cape Marlera, where the average depth does not exceed 20 meters. The Kashteja peninsula divides the bay into outer and inner parts, and there are a total of 9 islands and islets in the entire area. This very complex habitat contains a whole range of habitat types. The sandy bottom covered with silty sand is characteristic of the inner part of the bay, while in the outer part there are numerous reefs.

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I had brought my Geography students here to learn about the reefs and how they are formed, and am glad they not only learnt the theory but also witnessed the reefs. The bay has been divided into outer and inner parts a thing i have never seen before till i stumbled here. The inner part is made of a sandy bottom covered with silty sand.
We visited Medulin Bay for a out of town experience. we visited the nine islands and got to experience its complex habitat. We loved our stay in this bay.
We went for a boat cruise around the bay and across the sea and totally loved the trip. The trip to the bay was great and we had the chance of witnessing the amazing reefs and the sparkling waters of the sea. The guide for the ride was awesome too and we loved the charm he had.
The water in this bay is emerald in colour. The sunset and sunrise view was so magical. Its architectural design was so amazing. I loved every moment I spent here. It was so relaxing. My boat ride experience was thrilling.
very good!!!