Porer Island


The islet of Porer lies southwest of the southern cape of Istria. The islet of Porer is actually a cliff, 80 meters wide, and is 2.5 km away from the mainland and the settlement of Premantura, which has beautiful bays and near other islets. There are three small docks on Porer. The islet is so small that it is only a little more than a minute to go around, but the walk will take much longer, when you look at the sunset, because it is one of the most beautiful scenes from the sunset on the Adriatic.

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Sailing and boat cruises to the island are worth the visit and we enjoyed the tour to the place with great music and fun. Magical place to go to.
We spent the night at the lighthouse and thge feeling was unique. The experience was unmatched and the place was quiet and peaceful with winds and ocean voices being heard.
I had the chance to go swimming at the sea in the afternoon hours and the experience was magical. It was relaxing and being almost alone felt really nice.
The history of the lighthouse is intresting that dates back in time and we loved the tour around the awesome lighthouse.
Relaxing on the small beach around with my husband was fantastic and the warm temperatures were perfect for our visit.
The environment was serene and it was clean and well kept and being at the place got you off from the things happening and it was therapeutic.
Panoramic views of the landscape and the sunset at the lighthouse was awesome. We took pictures at the lighthouse are they are beautiful.Unforgettable.