Cape Kamenjak


Cape Kamenjak is the southernmost part of Istria, a peninsula on almost 4 km long beautiful and indented coast, with as many as 30 bays idyllic for swimming and refreshment and 11 uninhabited islands that together form a magnificent archipelago. Covered with short shrubs and macchia, with few pines and fertile areas, the area has a true Mediterranean climate. Due to its exceptional natural values, as well as for the purpose of its more effective protection against destruction, Cape Kamenjak was declared a protected area in 1996. It is under the supervision of the public institution Natura Histrica.

№195 in National parks of Croatia

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very good!!!
We had a remarkable day in Cape Kamenjak as we went cliff jumping and also watching lovely view of the sea from here. The wine tasting experience was sensational.
We found Cape Kamenjak outstanding as there were awesome activities for children and even outdoor bars. This is a truly heavenly place.
My wife and i enjoyed windsurfing in Cape Kamenjak as we vacationed here. Would love to come again with the kids!
We had a good time with some friends in Cape Kamenjak cycling around the park. It is a wonderful experience and we enjoyed the irresistible views in this park. We found this place magical!
We Had fantastic time with my family on the beaches and bay. We had fun games on the beache and it was remarkable and would definitly want to do that again another time.
We enjoyed the swimming and chilling spots that are several across Cape Kamenjak which created good times with good vibes and memorable.