Island of Piskera


Piskera is an island in the Kornati archipelago. It has an area of slightly less than 3 square kilometers. On the island, there is a restaurant and the Church of the Nativity of Mary from the time of the Venetian Republic. The island is a favorite destination for boaters. Nearby, on the north coast of the island of Panitula Vela, there is a marina with a shop and a restaurant.

№166 in locations of Croatia

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very good!!!
There are phenomenal sights to visit on this island. I loved visiting the beautiful ancient cathedrals and taking some lovely pictures. The quietness on this island was very soothing.
I really enjoyed my trip to this island. I particularly loved the sailing experience on the beautiful yachts. I was able to enjoy the stunning views of the hills and pristine blue waters of the sea. What a sight it was!
We enjoyed taking walks on this island. My boys and i really admired the marinas with their beautiful yachts and adorable boats. This island is just spectacular.
My friends and I visited this beautiful island and we were entranced by its beauty. We had fun swimming in its tranquil and unspoiled beaches. it's a very fascinating island.
The island of Piskera is very magical. The vast sea horizons especially during sunsets when they turn to a golden color are just bewitching. I hope to bring my girlfriend on my next trip here.
The island of Piskera is a very quiet and undisturbed place to especially enjoy fishing. We took boat trips to this island and spent a glorious time fishing in the deep waters found here. We really had a relaxing and restful moment.