Island of Piskera


Piskera is an island in the Kornati archipelago. It has an area of slightly less than 3 square kilometers. On the island, there is a restaurant and the Church of the Nativity of Mary from the time of the Venetian Republic. The island is a favorite destination for boaters. Nearby, on the north coast of the island of Panitula Vela, there is a marina with a shop and a restaurant.

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very good!!!
This place has a church on the hill where I went for both spiritual and physical nourishment. My spirit was uplifted in the church where I listened to the choir sing. Later I sat on the bench outside and enjoyed the view of tbs town below. was breathtaking. I will come back here again.
This place is a small island with many beautiful beaches. I enjoyed touring the beaches and having fun. I went swimming and kayaking in the sea. I even played beach games like volleyball. It was fun being here.
The Church of the Nativity of Mary is such a wonderful site. It is so divine with fantastic history. This island has amazing beaches. The island is quite small but it has a few shots.
This Island is really popular among the boaters. I enjoyed learning about its history by visiting the church of the Nativity of Mary. This Island is not densely populated. It beaches and weather were suitable for sunbathing.
I toured the Church of the Nativity of Mary in this location which was developed during the Venetian period. I loved the construction style and the interior decoration of the church. The location had a rich cultural heritage and I enjoyed touring the place.
My girlfriend and I loved this location because of the serenity and quiet. We spent the day watching the birds, touring and learning about the different vegetation in the area, and watching as the boaters visited the area. I loved the experience and will visit again soon.