Island of Panitula Vela


Panitula Vela is an uninhabited island in the Kornati archipelago, near the island of Piskera. On the islet, there is a marina with seasonal berths, a shop, a restaurant, and an ATM.

№69 in Islands of Croatia

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I was really looking for somewhere i could get away from all the mainland hustle and bustle,and this small island really came through, the stay in the marina and walk to the top of the small hills was really satisfying.
The island was a spectacular visit, there were really awesome boats in the docking area,there is a marina on the mainland and a restaurant on the opposite island, the place was full of tranquility and calmness
I visited the marina in this location and I enjoyed discovering the underworld and its richness. I learned about the different fish species in the area and I was awed. I also learned about their survival tactics in this habitat. I will visit again soon
very good!!!
I loved how well equipped the location as though it had a minimal occupation. There was an ATM, a shop, and a restaurant which aided in easing my stay at the place. I enjoyed connecting with nature in the location and spending some time with my husband.
If you are looking for a private moment to spend with family and friends, this is the perfect island. Its population is quite low. My friends and I had a wonderful time playing in its waters. It was so memorable. There are a few restaurants on the Island.
I loved the beaches of this Island. They were amazing for a romantic getaway. Swimming in its waters was so therapeutic. My fiance and I enjoyed every moment we spent on this Island. The restaurant serve delicious delicacies.