Island of Lavsa


Lavsa is a small uninhabited island in the Kornati archipelago and is part of the Kornati National Park. The island has been inhabited throughout history, dating back to Roman times. There was saltworks on the island then. The saltworks lasted until the 14th century, and today it is below sea level. There used to be a settlement of the same name as the island, of which abandoned buildings of folk architecture have been preserved.

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very good!!!
It was an adventurous vacation being at this Island, among the activities we engaged in during our stay here were hiking and biking. The biking and the hiking trails helped us explore and navigate through the Island. Ideal place for adventure lovers.
The abandoned buildings of folk architecture depict the art of architects. We took photos at the buildings for memory keeps . The buildings acted as a good background for our photos.
The foods served in the restaurants found here were delatable. The staffs were efficient serving us and they were fast in their services. I loved how neat the rooms we stayed were, kudos for that.
I enjoyed lazy days along the beach having cool drinks and swimming during the summer heat. The beaches were clean and less crowded. I made new friends and took pictures. I enjoyed my stay here.
The island is amazing with beautiful architectural structures that are amazing. The salt works are amazing places that we had the chance to visit and had the time to learn of the history of the place and the ruins that occur at the place.
The restaurants in Island of Lavsa were superb. They offered incredible and excellent sea food. So amazing.