Belishche is a town located in the region of Slavonia, in Osijek-Baranja County. This industrial city on the Drava River lies near the border with Hungary.
The main occupations are forestry, wood processing (sawmill, chemical and mechanical wood processing), production of corrugated fiberboard, metal industry, production of chemicals and processing of synthetic materials.
The influential Gutmann family significantly influenced the area of Belishche in the 19th and 20th centuries. The vast Slavonian oak forests were mostly replaced by agricultural land, and part of the workers' quarter of Salamon H. Gutmann from 1884 became part of today's Belishche. Major recreational activities include fishing, kayaking and canoeing on the Drava and its backwaters, and hunting in the wider environment.

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very good!!!
We indulged in various recreational activities during our trip here. Some of the activities we indulged in included fishing, canoeing, kayaking on the Drova and its backwaters and it was superfun. Hunting in the wider environment with trained dogs remains my unforgettable experience while in this beautiful place.
This is an industrial city. It houses many industries especially wood processing since it is near a forest. This town is also near Drava. I went to see River Drava and I had an amazing moment Kayaking. It was a magical experience.
Fun activities that we had with my friends when we visited the place. We loved heo the place brought out the best in us as a team as we went kayaking at the waters of the river and we enjoyed ourselves. Magical moments to remember at the place as we loved our stay there.
This place really amazed me from how they had lots of beautiful trees to how the produced products from them. I also enjoyed fishing and canoeing on the Drava.