Valpovo is a town in Slavonia. It is located near the river Drava and 25 km northwest of Osijek. The city was first mentioned in 1332. The Ottoman Empire occupied it in 1543. After 144 years of Ottoman rule, Valpovo was liberated and ruled by the Vienna Court Chamber.The Valpovo area has been inhabited since ancient times, which is confirmed by archeological findings. During the reign of Rome in these areas, from the 1st to the 5th century AD, a military fortress was located here.

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very good!!!
The military fortress was constructed as a defense and security against attacks from the enemies. I learnt of the rich history of this place, especially how the Ottoman ruled it for 144 years before being liberated. The archaeological findings bring out the rich history of this place.
This town is located in Slavonia. Its history was mesmerizing. I loved visiting its military fortress. There are ancient military equipments put on display. Most buildings have a Romanesque style. This town is so lovely.
Great history about the place and we had the chance to visit the place and were perplexed of the gorgeous archeological findings at the place. The city also has a military fortress that is eye catching and wonderful to have a tour.
Valpovo is a nice place for history lovers and the archaeological findings here are so awesome. My friends and I really enjoyed learning about the history of the place.
We learnt of the great history about this place. Of interest was the Ottoman rulers narrative who ruled this town. Ideal place for historians.
We toured the fortress that was built for the military purposes and as a defence from attacks from the enemies.I loved how well organized the military weapons and artefacts were put in this fortress. The military weapons took us back in the days when the military were protecting this town from the enemies.