Sv. Petar


Sveti Petar is a village on the island of Cres, which administratively belongs to the town of Cres.It is located in the northeast of the island, in the interior, and the east coast of Cres is located about 500 meters east of town.The village is known for its beautiful beaches, and the most famous is the beach of St. Peter. It is ideal for a day trip, to enjoy the sun and the charms of the sea and nature, which enriches it with its scents. It is suitable for everyone, for young and old, and families with children. Bring enough food and water and prepare for real enjoyment. You will always want to come back here.

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The beach of St. Peter is quite a popular beach within this region. This beach was so suitable for a picnic. I enjoyed every moment I spent here. The water was so warm and clean. The beauty of this place is that it is suitable for all ages
Exciting trip to the beach as we enjoyed the warm temperatures and great sunshine. Rich nature that is fascinating and enjoyable to spend time at. Scenic views that i enjoyed every sunset at the beach and the reflection of the sea was great.
Our vacation for the summer was awesome as we visited the island the whole family. We carried some food stuffs and a grill on our trip and it was the best idea. We had some great food and lots of activities to do through our time.
very good!!!