Smitovo Lake


On the slopes of the Great Chapel near Ogulin, Smitovo Lake is located as a link between the Big and the Small Lakes, with beautiful nature that does not leave everyone indifferent. According to the legend that was passed from generation to generation in the lake, in ancient times there was a living dragon that once kidnapped a young girl, St. George killed him at that place and released the captive girl.

№485 in Lakes of Croatia

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It was interesting to learn about the narrative of St George who killed a living dragon that resided in the lake. According to the narrative, the dragon had a kidnapped a young girl and was killed so as to set the girl free. Thanks to the tour guides for sharing the knowledge to us.
My active vacation at this place was great. I enjoyed hiking and bike riding. I took long walks in the countryside in the evening while enjoying the evening breeze. The locals were friendly and the local specialties delicious.
I enjoyed the nature, something about visiting a destination with a beautiful lake and wonderful nature around, it gives an otherworldly experience. In addition to the beautiful landscape and scenery the local folklore is something worth listening to. A beautiful place to just visit and relax
very good!!!