Island of Ilovik


The island of Ilovik is located south of Losinj. Ilovik is the only settlement on the island, located on the northeast coast. It is mentioned in written sources as early as 1071 as Neumae Insulae (Nameless Island). The history of the island is closely connected with the nearby island of Sveti Petar, so much so that until recently they were mentioned under a common name. Today about 170 inhabitants live here. The island is known as the island of flowers, because roses, palm trees and other flowers bloom around every house. On the island, there is a shop, post office and several restaurants. Ilovik is connected daily with Mali Losinj, and with a fast ferry line with Rijeka.

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I got to dive and swim with the beautiful acquatic animals that came in diferent varieties. rather than diving I could also view them from the boat.
The ambience in the island was breath taking. I took lots of photos to reminace with and remeber my trip.
I got on a speed boat to access the island and also out of the island this was such an amaizing experience.
I had walks around kasoljun and found it breathtaking. Its ancient features even made it more appealing.
I ate lots of sea food and even got the opportunity of trying new ones i had never had before with the help of the chef who explained everythiing.
We got bicycles and used them to get around the island. Its an activity that kept as fit and in shape.
The residents offered help anytime we needed it. They were very open and friendly. We enjoyed out interaction.