Vlashichi ist ein kleiner Ort mit reicher Weinbautradition auf der Südseite der Insel Pag, etwa 15 km von Povljana entfernt und in der Nähe des kleinen malerischen Ortes Smokvica gelegen. Der Ort ist ruhig, es gibt sehr wenig Verkehr, so dass Sie genießen zu Fuß oder mit dem Fahrrad.im Zentrum ist die Pfarrkirche St. Jerome wurde im Jahre 1401 gebaut. Der Strand Dugačka in Vlashichi ist einer der schönsten Sandstrände auf Pag - das Besondere an diesem schönen Strand ist, dass er von einem natürlichen Wall aus rötlicher Erde begrenzt wird.

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very good!!!
I loved walking in the neat vineyards at this place. It was refreshing and soothing to the soul to listen to the chirping birds, and smelling the fresh greenery around here. I spend alone time sitting under a vine tree listening to cool music from my phone. I t was an amazing experience.
The Valley below was a beautiful sight to behold. The green vegetation and blooming morning flowers were the best sight for me. The fresh scent of the countryside soothed me. The cool fresh air was amazing. Breakfast at one of the taverns was delicious. I loved being here it was a great experience.
The surrounding of this town is so peaceful and calm. The people in this town practice viticulture. The vineyards are so spectacular. I enjoyed tasting their top quality wine and learning how it is processed. It was an epic experience
I had an epic wine tasting experience in this town. I visited one of the vineyards and I enjoyed tasting their wine.They had a lot of varieties. I could also see how wine is processed . It was a nice learning experience.
This place had a fertile valley that had nice green vegetation that was pleasing to look at. I enjoyed my nature walk to the slopes and beyond. Watching the sunset which enjoying the cool breeze outside my hotel was an irresistible activity.
The neat vineyards at this place attracted me from day one. I enjoyed looking at the countless trees planted in rows. I had the honour of getting fresh fruits from the gardens from the locals. I loved the cool country breeze at this place.