Vidova Hill


Vidova mountain is not just a peak with its beautiful view - in 2009 the "Vidova Gora" educational trail was renovated and opened, which takes walkers and mountain bikers through the most attractive parts of the road and educates them about a unique destination - a landscape protected by law. pine (Pinus nigra) The mountain Vidova gora has preserved its autochthonous appearance and untouched nature, and the locals still live in the old-fashioned way, which contributes to the preservation of nature and gives a special charm to the idyllic atmosphere of this timeless oasis of peace and bird song.
It was named after the church of St. Vida located at the top of the hill.

The church was built in the 13th or 14th century. Numerous fantastic stories are woven about Vidova mountain mostly of Slavic origin. Long before the arrival of the Slavs on the Adriatic, the Illyrian people had fortifications on Vidova mountain. The remains of these walls can still be seen in some places.
At the top of Vidova gora today is a TV transmitter. Below are the wine-growing and green valleys, Zlati rat beach and Bol.

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We went hiking and mountain climbing and it was adventurous. We enjoyed the trip to the peak and we're stunned by the views of the beautiful landscape.
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