20 awesome things to do and see on the island of Brač


An incredibly versatile island when it comes to sightseeing and entertainment, the island of Brač is rich in historical locations dating back to the prehistoric times. Often these gorgeous places sit in the beautiful landscape of hills and pine woods, overlooking the seafront, or in the city streets made of the famous white Brač stone. We have selected twenty of the best and most interesting locations on the island of Brač and we hope you have a fantastic time exploring them.


1. Golden Horn

One of the most spectacular beaches in the world, according to The New York Times, The Insider Travel and the National Geographic. You don’t have to take their word for it - go and see for yourself and have an amazing Mediterranean experience.

2. Sutivan Nature Park

It will be worth setting aside at least half a day for a visit to this nature park. Its 12,000 square meters will make for a nice walk through its botanical area and you’ll be greeted by the adorable Dalmatian donkeys.

3. Vidova Hill

This protected site of nature is covered with a gorgeous black pine tree forest. The locals conduct their husbandry in the old, traditional ways, so walking here will be the perfect pastoral idyll, straight out of a Romantic poem.

4. Blaca Desert

This plain with its monastery complex, two-storey stone houses, apiary and farm houses was a home to the hermit Glagolitic monks. The entire settlement is so unique that it has been protected as cultural heritage.

5. Island of Mrduja

This little island sits about halfway between the island of Brač and the island of Šolta.The legend has it that the inhabitants of these two islands could not decide to whom the islet belonged, so each of them used a rope to pull the island closer to themselves. Since Mrduja is slightly closer to Brač than to Šolta, we know who won.

6. Museum of Brač

Located in the ancient town of Škrip, in the Radojković Fort, this museum is a must-see since it contains an abundance of archaeological exhibits that tell the story of all those who settled on this island at one time or another.

7. Dragon’s Cave

This cave was once the home of the Glagolitic monks of Poljica who came here to devote themselves to their spiritual life in complete isolation. Their lives here left a heritage of mixed Christian and pagan Slavic legends, attested to by the beautiful relief of a dragon inside the cave. 

8. Church of Our Lady of Carmel

It took decades to finish building this church, but it is one of the finest examples of the island’s stonemasonry. 

9. Olive Oil Museum

For your taste of island history, head to the Olive Oil Museum in Škrip. And we mean this literally - while you’ll be able to see the traditional process of olive oil making and all of the old oil-making paraphernalia, your guided tour will also include a tasting. Depending on the menu you choose you’ll get your appetite working with home-made cheese and Dalmatian prosciutto, topped with wine and, of course, olives.

10. Ivan Rendić Gallery

A small place that will impress you with the works of the famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Rendić. Raised on the island of Brač, it was the local stonemasonry tradition that inspired him to become a sculptor, so it is becoming that the island now has a place reserved especially for him.

11. Blaca Monastery

This Dominican monastery is the home to Tintoretto’s Madonna and The Child, so if you’re an art aficionado or a fan of Tintoretto this is the place to add to your must-see list. You’ll be able to have a look at the monastery’s museum, too, which houses a rich collection of various artefacts, and later take a walk around its lovely garden.

12. Roman quarry - Rashoe

The emperor Diocletian was so impressed with the beauty of the Brač stone and the skill of the island’s stonemasons that he ordered the stones from this quarry to be delivered to Split for the building of his famous palace. The relief of the famous Greek hero Hercules has been watching over this site for nearly two thousand years, after having been carved into its rocks by the quarry workers.

13. Town of Škrip

If you fancy a walk down the History Lane, walk over (or drive over) to the village of Škrip. It is three thousand years old and full of artefacts and architecture to prove it. You’ll be impressed by its Cyclopean walls and the Radojković Fort, which is purported to be the burial site of Valeria and Priska, the daughter and the wife, respectively, of the great emperor Diocletian.

14. Varadero bar in Bol

If you’re in Bol or its vicinity it might be good to know that the Varadero boutique cocktail bar is the best place for an evening dance party. Its staff will kindly keep those signature cocktails coming while you sweat it out on the dance floor or enjoy the seafront view and the sight of the harbour lights with the starry sky above them.

15. Petrinović Mausoleum in Supetar

This stunning mausoleum, built in the neo-Byzantine style, is the work of the famous sculptor Toma Rosandić who showed off all his skill in using the white stone of Brač to create this masterpiece. 

16. Lunch on the promenade at the Palute Restaurant

At some point you are going to want to do it - sit back after a day of wandering and exploration and enjoy that one thing that no summer holiday on the Adriatic is ever complete without: dining on a Dalmatian promenade.At the Palute Restaurant you will immerse yourself in the fantastic Mediterranean menu over a glass or two of sweet Dalmatian wine, with a view of the sunset-lit horizon and the salty breeze coming from the sea. And the moment will be quite perfect.

17. Kitesurfing on Brač - the YellowCat Kiteboarding school

If you’re into adrenaline sports it would be a shame to miss out on the favourable wind conditions of the maestral wind blowing at the speed of 15 to 25 knots per hour . The YellowCat Kiteboarding school will get you ready with courses in case you’ve never surfed on a kite before and help you get the best out of your kite-surfing experience.

18. Archaeological site Lovrećina

When you visit the Lovrećina Bay, don’t just settle for a dip in the sea - make your day more exciting by visiting its archaeological site. You’ll find both Roman and early Christian remains here, with a gorgeous baptistery and its ciborium still standing.

19. Remains of the Benedictine monastery at Mirje

With as much as three different archaeological layers - the Roman villa rustica, an early Christian basilica and the Benedictine monastery - Mirje is one of the richest archaeological sites on the island of Brač.

20. Bridge of Franz Joseph

A bridge on an island with no creeks or rivers is a curiosity indeed. This one, built by the Austro-Hungarian administration, bridges the Veli Dolac ravine, and is a part of a lovely walking path that will take you from Ložišće and through olive groves, over the bridge, and all the way to Supetar.

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