11 ideas for a romantic holiday on the island of Brac


There’s nothing quite as romantic as the Mediterranean. Its sun-kissed landscapes of pine forests and olive groves, endless beaches, azure sea, fragrances of lavender and rosemary, narrow stone streets and tall houses, all wrapped in centuries of history conspire to make everyone fall in love, if only for a short while. The island of Brac is the quintessential Mediterranean island and one of the best choices if you’re holidaying as a couple.

We have chosen ten of the best and most interesting activities on the island of Brac and we hope they will help you stir the romance.


1. Wine tasting at Stina winery

Wine and romance go hand in hand - the sweet taste of opulent reds or the refreshing tingle of white and sparkling wines can change one’s entire mood and set the scene for an intimate atmosphere.

The Adriatic coast is famous for its wines, so it seems only natural that wine tasting in the Mediterranean landscape of the island of Brac would be a perfect activity for all couples looking to add extra romance to their day.

The Stina winery in the town of Bol has been making wine since 1903 and received its first gold medal for quality in 1909. They offer a wine tasting tour during which you’ll be able to choose from a selection of various sorts of Plavac, the rose, and the Vugava white. And if you want to please your taste buds during a romantic evening, you’ll be able to buy whichever wine you like on the spot.

2. Nature walk up the Vidova Hill

Walking in this protected site of nature, under the black pine trees, with birdsong following you wherever you go, will make you feel like you’re in the perfect pastoral idyll, the kind that’s come straight out of Romantic poetry.

3. Visit to the island of Mrdulja

The legend has it that the inhabitants of the island of Brac and the people of the island of Solta could not decide to whom the islet Mrdulja belonged, so each of them used a rope to pull the island closer to themselves. This uninhabited island is romantic by default: its crystal sea, the pristine nature, and all the privacy and solitude it offers in the fold of its landscape make it a perfect place for a day’s getaway.

4. Walk through the history of Skrip

The stone streets of this three thousand year old town are full of history that resonates through all of its architecture. Its charm is so powerful that you’ll feel like you’re going back in time, wrapped in a private world of your own.

5. Sunset walk at the Golden Horn Beach

Beaches are a romance classic, especially when they are as golden and as perfectly sandy as the Golden Horn Beach. While it is a great choice for a day of swimming and sunbathing this beach will prove to be a perfect romantic spot for a long walk as the sunset turns to twilight.

6. Explore the mystic history of the Dragon’s Cave

This beautiful cave is wrapped in a blend of Christian and Old Slavic legends, the source of the unique spirituality of the Glagolitic monks that once lived here in complete isolation. If you’re the couple that shares a love of nature sites with myths attached to them, the Dragon’s Cave is a must-see.

7. Olive oil tasting at the Olive Oil Museum in Skrip

Food can be an aphrodisiac, and you won’t find a food more seductive on the island of Brac than olives. A great couple activity, the olive tasting at the Olive Oil Museum will be served on a platter of a Mediterranean olive-cheese-prosciutto delight, topped with excellent local wine.

8. Morning at the Sutivan Nature Park

Nature has always been closely linked to romance; it has been an inspiration for poets since the dawns of time, and world literature is full of stories where passionate love affairs take place in amazing countrysides. The Sutivan Nature Park, with its botanical area and free-walking donkeys will be the perfect chapter in your own love story.

Afternoon among the ancient ruins at the Lovrecina Bay

9. Lovrecina beach

The blend of history and wild nature sets this beach apart from all other beaches on the island. If you’re looking to spend some time together enjoying the sun and the sea in a less crowded location, this bay has all the necessary facilities to make you feel comfortable for the duration of your stay.

10. Ancient ruins 

Let the old Romans and Christians take care of the ambience for you: they have left the remains of their rich cultures on the northern side of the beach, a perfect background for those couple portraits you’ll want to take on your romantic summer holiday.

11. Romantic dinner on the Dalmatian promenade

Nothing says romance quite like an evening dinner on the promenade of a Mediterranean town overlooking the sea, with a seafood menu and sweet wine.

Stop by the Palute Restaurant in Supetar to immerse yourself in the fantastic Mediterranean menu over a glass or two of sweet Dalmatian wine, with a view of the sunset-lit horizon and the salty breeze coming from the sea. Before you know it, your perfect romantic moment will be there.

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We visited Stina winery and it was an amazing wine tasting tour. It was the first place that we visited when we arrive in the island and it was totally worth the visit. Amazing experience and wine tasting too thanks to the guide that had us visit the place.
I had an epic experience touring the mysterious Dragon cave. The history of this cave was so interesting. I knew this place through the guide and my moment here was so splendid and adventurous.
I enjoyed my sunset at the Golden Horn beach thanks to the guide. I enjoyed swimming in its cool waters. My walk here was so therapeutic. The Sutivan Nature Park was so thrilling. The view of its natural beauty was amazing.
Strolling around Vidova hill was a therapeutic experience for me. I loved the fact that it was a protected area as highlighted in the guide. Birdsongs and the large pine trees that provided shade and a calming atmosphere added to the whole experience.
very good!!!
A holiday and vacation for us was all about relaxing and refreshing ourselves. The guide was helpful in our trip and tours around the place as we visited the Lovrečina beach and enjoyed the marvel of the place with nice beach, scenic views, and good shed. Came back rejuvenated and happy for the trip.
I and my fiance enjoyed the sunset and the sea in the less crowded location at Lovrecina Beach. The guide was important to us for it was very clear on what to expect. It was great being here.