Draceva bay


Draceva bay is located near Murvica on the island of Brač. The beach located here is not easily accessible on foot, so we recommend that you come here by car. It is definitely worth a visit - the beach is relatively long, semicircular in shape, and is made of small white stones. The entrance to the sea is gentle and shallow, and the seabed is clean and covered with small pebbles. Rocky slopes that descend down the coast on both sides obscure the bay and the beach from the public eye. There is no natural shade on the beach, but the nearby woods can help you relax from the heat. Due to its appearance, the beach is very popular among locals and young people, but also families with children. The only drawback is that there are no additional facilities and facilities on the beach, so you will have to pack everything you need for a perfect vacation. If you still decide to find refreshment in one of the restaurants or beach bars, the center of nearby Murvice is not very far.


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This is one of the few natural beaches and carrying an umbrella is definitely unnecessary. The beach is lovely and it is caressed by the crystal clear sea. If you are looking for a nice holiday vacation just visit Braceva bay.
The beach is surrounded by rocks and the beach is covered with pebble , its entrance is gentle and shallow.There is natural shade provided by tall pine trees . The beach is quiet and peaceful making it suitable for people who want quiet time. There are recreational activities such as diving and exploring the underwater beauties .
My kids and I had fun playing along the beach. I played volleyball against my son's team and he was more than pumped to score against his old man. I also taught my water-phobic daughter how to swim and she was more than pleased. I enjoyed bonding with the kids.
very good!!!
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