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Trakoshchan was founded at the end of the 13th century in the defense system of northwestern Croatia as an observation post to monitor the road from Ptuj to the Bednja river valley.
According to legend, Trakoshchan was named after the Thracian fortress (Arx Thacorum), which allegedly existed in ancient times. Another surviving tradition claims that it was named after the Drachenstein knights who ruled these areas in the early Middle Ages.
The toponym Trakoshchan was first mentioned in written documents in 1334.
The owners of the fort in the first centuries are not known. We only know that from the end of the 14th century the owners were the Counts of Celje, who ruled the entire Zagorje County. Soon this family died out and Trakoshchan shared the fate of the rest of their towns and estates, which various lords fragmented and changed. In this division, Trakoshchan first belonged to the military leader Jan Vitovec, then to Ivanish Korvin, who gave it to his sub-chief Ivan Gyulay. This family held Trakoshchan for three generations and then estate was taken over by Royal Treasury.

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The Trakoshchan has a great castle. It is the upront point for defence against the enemy. I fancy and admire the place a lot.
The castle has a rich history with a beautiful architectural building and a park that we toured and were amazed by the green vegetation. Remarkable moments.
Views from the high balconies opened upto the Ptuj road and the extending river valley. The landscaped also looked magnificent from this location. I really loved the experience
The history of this castle was surprising. I loved admiring this place and seeing its ancient originality. The vast collection of historic artefacts was amazing. Touring this place was magical.
This Historic building has a vast collection of historic artefacts. I was glad to see most of these artrefacts. I was mind blown
The location of this castle was strategic to serve as a defense system during war. The floors of this castle were unique. The surrounding vegetation were amazing to look at.
The castle design is out of this world. The wall design and floor finishing was unique and bike rides are allowed. We really had an easy time touring the fine place.
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