7 days cruising from Sukosan by yacht itinerary


 Cruising the Zadar archipelago from Sukosan? Trust us you will have an experience as idyllic as it sounds. This is the perfect way to get to know the Adriatic Sea with the surrounding islands from a completely different perspective. On the cruise you will get to know all the natural beauties of the area such as - hidden coves with amazing places for swimming and sunbathing, as well as various sights. In these fifteen days of cruising, you will get to know more islands and cities than you could see by car, and you will remember the unique experience forever.

We bring you a plan for a cruise through the Zadar archipelago for two weeks: The perfect way to explore the natural beauty during the hot summer days:

Day 1. Sukosan - Zadar 

Sukosan is known as a nautical center and entry point for this area of ​​extraordinary beauty and one of the best places for cruising in the world. Here is the famous Marina Zlatna Luka where you can rent a boat of your choice and go on a cruise on the Zadar Riviera. 

After Sukošan, you will arrive in nearby, historic Zadar, which must not be avoided on your trip. Zadar is both a peaceful community and a dynamic modern center that welcomes everyone with open arms and leaves a lasting mark on every visitor in love. Getting to know this city you will enjoy the many sights and attractions it gives you on a platter.

Day 2. Zadar -The island of Sestrunj

The island of Sestrunj - The nearby island of Ugljan, which has only 48 permanent residents! Sestrunj is not developed for tourism, but it is a great place to get to know the Croatian underwater world by diving. Also, walking around this somewhat neglected island and swimming on secluded beaches are a holiday for body and soul! 

Day 3. The island of Sestrunj- Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok is an island located near Zadar on the mainland, and is the largest among the islands located in this part of Dalmatia, and is especially known for its vineyards and orchards, Saharun beach in the north and Telascica Nature Park which covers the southern part of the island . Despite its obvious popularity during the summer, this island truly offers its travelers peace and quiet.

Day 4 Kornati National Park 

The Kornati National Park between Šibenik and Zadar is a spectacular archipelago that includes 109 mostly uninhabited islands, islets, reefs and rocky places scattered like jewels on an area of ​​224 km2. According to legend, the gods created the Kornati archipelago from the tears of the stars. and on the last day they gave the sea blue to caress them. Sailors can take refuge in numerous protected bays, but the main marina is on Piskera with 120 berths. There are no ferries between Kornati and the mainland. You can reach the national park by boat, but you must buy tickets to enter the park.

Day 5. Island of Zhirje

After visiting the national park, head to the nearby island of Zhirje. The island of Zirje is the most remote and largest island in the Sibenik archipelago. It is known as a fishing village and a rich fishing area, for its natural beauty, clear blue sea, natural rocky beaches such as those in Velika and Mala uvala, as well as Stupica and Koromachna which are maritime destinations. The island is a perfect place for a quiet holiday away from city ​​noise. Relax on the beaches and find your piece of the sea. Those who want to do sports and recreation can enjoy cycling and hiking.

Be sure to visit сave with the Chapel of St. Anthony - the cave is named after Saint Anthony the Hermit, while many other hermits also lived here. One of them is the Zadar nobleman Jeronim Detrico, who was buried in a cave in 1615.

Day 6.  Biograd on the sea and Pasman island

Located in the heart of the Adriatic coast, Biograd is charmingly stretched along the coast and peninsula. In it you will find a number of beautiful beaches with lots of content and shade of pine forest, traces of history that tell of kings and sunken ships, two marinas as a shelter for many white sails and a view of the Pasman Channel and surrounding islands. where everyone can find content and entertainment to their liking. If you are a fan of adrenaline, various challenges await you on numerous sports fields, an amusement park or a tour of the many natural beauties in the area. 

On the same day, you will have time to sail to the island of Pasman, and stay there overnight.

The Pasman island selflessly shows the continuity of life since prehistory: Illyrian cities, the remains of forts, archaeological finds, etc., and especially boasts beautiful beaches and vacation spots.

Day 7. St. Philip and James and return to Sukosan

 St. Philip and James a beautiful place on the shores of the Pašman Channel. Surrounded by the historic city of Zadar and Biograd, lies the picturesque town of St. Philip and James. St. Philip and Jamesis known for the former summer houses and parks of the Zadar nobles, of which the Borelli family is still known today. Thanks to the Borelli family, tourism in St. Philip and James have historical roots, as the two parks and summer houses where the family hosted friends and acquaintances, dignitaries of the time, are the forerunners of today's cottages and tourist facilities.  This is a great place to have a good time before ending your sailing trip.


We given you a variant of one of the Yacht Routes in the Zadar Archipelago. With this route you will not get tired of a long trip by the sea and will have an interesting time enjoying not only nature, but also interesting places. Have a good trip and share with us in the comments about your impressions of this route.


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