Lovrecina Bay


Lovrecina Bay is located in the northern part of the island of Brach, between Postira and Puchishcha, known for its large sandy beach and valuable archaeological sites. In Lovrechina you can find the remains of the Basilica of St. Lawrence from the 5th and 6th centuries, and local holidays from surrounding places. they visit it on the feast of St. Lawrence, August 10. You can reach the bay by boat and car.

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public beach

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21410, Postira


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My family decided to go to the beach by cycling since the country trails and paths meander along the sea edge under the trees from Postira to the beach. The bay has has a sandy bottom and a cafe/restaurant just behind the beach for lunch or drinks. We took a moment to view the remains of an ancient Roman summer villa and an early Christian basilica too.
We arrived at the bay by boat and it was exactly how i had pictured it. The weather was awesome and we enjoyed walking at the sandy beach barefooted with the kids in the afternoon as it was not crowded. Swimming at the sparkling sea was superb and i loved every moment at the beach.
This particular destination is quite attractive with the sandy beaches and amazing archaeological sites. You learn and enjoy yourself at the same time. I particularly loved visiting the remains of the Basilica of St. Lawrence. This is an ideal tourist site for archaeologists and lovers of historical artifacts.
we toured the bay by boat with my boyfriend, the boat ride was exquisite. After that tiresome activity, we engage ourselves in swimming. We will surely come back.
We were here with my history students and we were lucky to spot some archaeological sites . We even took photos at the archaeological site to keep memories. Best during summer as it is not crowded.
Swimming in the clear blue waters was an unforgettable moment. I loved its spectacular view. There are plenty of activities one could take. From a nice boat ride to kayaking, building sand castles and collecting sea shells. My kids and I had a wonderful moment. The beach is not crowded.
We toured the bay by boat, the boat ride was exquisite.My kids enjoyed walking barefoot on the sandy beach which had fine sands. In the afternoon hours, we went swimming and my kids had an awesome time. We enjoyed the view of the rays of the sun as it sets on the turquoise color of the sea. The bay had many fun activities to indulge in, including kayaking and races. I recommend this place for both adults and kids.
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