Rot Beach


Rot is another beach located in the center of Postira. It is mostly gravel, but it also has concrete parts. Quality access for people with disabilities is provided on the beach. You can also rent deck chairs and parasols here. Although there is not much shade on the beach, above there is a promenade with benches protected by tall trees that provide shelter from the sun and a restaurant and shop are nearby.


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(4 reviews)
I visited this place once and enjoyed sunbathing and the delicious meals served in the restaurant there. It was also nice sitting in the shade with the rented deck chair. It was just what I needed.
The beach is a five out five from the fact that the walkways catered for people with disabilities. Travelled there with my aunt who is on a wheelchair and she really enjoyed the view of the sea from a close range without much struggle.
I have been to the beach severally and every time I love to sit on the benches along the beach as I enjoy the sunset. The shops nearby also provide snacks at affordable prices so that you can enjoy every moment while there.
very good!!!
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