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The Town Hall in Pula was built in the 13th century on the remains of one of the three Roman temples on the forum. Parts of the temple can still be seen built into the back of the building. Over the centuries, the building has been renovated and changed several times, so that today, in addition to ancient parts, elements of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque are intertwined. An exceptional blend of rich history and different styles has made this building one of the most interesting architectural monuments in the city.

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very good!!!
We had the chance to enter the Town Hall when we visited the place and were baffled by the interior design of the place and loved it. My tour at the Town Hall was worth my visit and would recommend a visit to the place.
This building is quite ancient. I loved how different styles have been incorporated over the years during renovation. It is an interesting architectural monument.
When we visited Pula we toured the place and visited the Town Hall and witnessed the marvel works. The building has an ancient touch with beautiful architectural structure that it holds. I loved the marvel place and took some pictures of the place.
Interesting historical story of the Town Hall as we enjoyed learning about it when we visited the place with my friends.The place displays a a great information of the aea and hold some amazing things of the place.
my fellow professors and I realized the architectural style used in the construction of the building is quite interesting. There is soo much historical information it relays.
The Town Hall is so wonderful. It has stood for ages with its unique structure. Outstanding designed building.
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