Arch of Sergius


The triumphal arch of the Sergii, better known as the Golden Gate, was erected by the Sergius family, a powerful Roman family that managed to maintain its glory and power for centuries. The triumphal arch is a top architectural achievement of late Hellenistic Roman architecture, whose arch reaches a height of eight meters and dates to the end of the 1st century BC. The people of Sergije thus left behind a monument that has been bearing their family insignia for centuries.

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Flanatička ul. 2, 52100, Pula


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the arch of sergii is such an old and grand monument right in the entrance to the market. a great place to snap some pictures for keepsake. We had to pull our teenage daughter away to move to other places. the preservation of this arch is mind-blowing as it was erected in 27BC. while at it pass through to the fish market and enjoy
very good!!!
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