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The most famous and most significant monument, the building from which every tour of the city begins and ends - Pula Arena - the building in which gladiator fights were organized. It was built in the first century, during the reign of Emperor Vespasian, at the same time as the largest and most famous building of its kind - the Colosseum in Rome. There are only 6 such amphitheaters in the whole world. Today, many cultural and educational events, modern and played Roman demonstrations and music concerts are organized in the Pula amphitheater.

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very good!!!
I enjoyed visiting this ancient Roman amphitheater. It still has its ancient structure and its in perfect condition. It was used to host gladiatorial battles under the Romans. Currently it is used to host festivals. This place was magical. It surpassed my expectations
My visit to pula was a fascinating experience. Going around the amazing and well preserved theater was masterclass. A place full of fun.
My film students visited were fascinated by Pula amphitheater and the films that they watched were thrilling The walk around the well preserved theatre was a masterpiece of its own.Personally was delighted by the beautiful architecture and style of the amphitheatres here.The lively aura of the music from the music concert was breathtaking. My film students asked to tour the Colosseum again.
This ancient Roman amphitheater is still in use. When I toured this place there was a film festival and iit was amazing to watch
The magnificence of this building allows educational and cultural events to be held there. My sister and I enjoyed all the events that we got to attend from this location.
Beautiful ancient Roman Amphitheatre that we visited with my friends and loved the architectural building with great history.
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