Roman Mausoleum


In the Petar Kreshimir IV Park, there is an octagonal Roman Mausoleum from the 1st century, which is another example of the ubiquity of ancient Roman heritage in Pula. At this place, there used to be a Roman necropolis, i.e. cemetery so this finding is not surprising.

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The Roman Mausoleum is a wonderful place that we had the chance to visit. The place has a great history and has surprisingly awesome events that happened at the place and interesting too.
This landmark has existed since the 1st century. It tells more about Roman heritage. The uniqueness of this architecture just stands out.
The landmark is an architectural structure that amazed me when i visited the place. I took some pictures of the place and loved my experience at the Roman Mausoleum.
very good!!!
I loved taking photos at this point. It rich in culture and heritage. The history behind this octagonal structure was fascinating. The are also remains of great Roman rulers in this place.
We recently made a tour through Europe and visited several cities. But of all the sights and cultural places we visited, this Roman Mausoleum was the most impressive. It was worth taking the time there and I would highly recommend to all lovers of antiquity to visit this ancient place.
The Roman Mausoleum is land mark of all time. My visit to this place was more than fun. I learnt the history of the place and the famous people who built it. A great experience.
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