Agrippina’s House


Agrippina's House is an archeological site in Pula. During the research, remains of pottery dating from the 6th century BC to the 6th century AD were found, as well as the remains of buildings from the ancient and late antique period. The space called Agrippina's house was decorated with stucco, marble and multicolored frescoes. A portrait of Empress Agrippina the Younger was found on a marble-covered pedestal. Probably here the citizens of ancient Pula paid homage to the imperial family.

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very good!!!
The ruins exhibit great idea in architecture. As a modern builder I felt an urge to try and adopt this technique to build new houses.
It was an interesting place to learn the about the Roman History. I loved the fact that no entrance fee is required here,worth a visit
The archaeological visit is worth every time spent. We had a walk around with my family and enjoyed the sight of the ruins and the amazing place. It was fun and remarkable.
I was especially intrigued by the renders on the surfaces around this location. The place seemed to hold signifacant cultural value to the people.
The Agrippina's House is a very beautiful Roman house. I was very surprised at the size of the house, it is not just one single room or two rooms but you can see where the whole family lived. You could sense the atmosphere of the house and its small streets immediately,We loved the house.
It was nice engaging in sightseeing tour in Agrippinas house. My wife, sister and I enjoyed the best landscape here. So fantastic.
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