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The Pula Forum has been the central town square since the time of the Roman colony of Pola. It has changed over time, and only the Temple of Augustus testifies to its ancient period. In Roman times, the forum was the main place of the social life of the city. The forum was 80 meters long and 30 meters wide. On the north side were three temples, and on the other sides was a porch with pillars. The most important religious, judicial and administrative institutions were entered from the porches.

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The square is beautiful and it was the first place that we visited when we arrived at pula. The square has many buildings that have a great design which is catchy and amazing to watch. We took some awesome pictures of the places and loved it completely.
very good!!!
This square has a deep history. I loved how it is surrounded by ancient temples. It is a lovely place in the evening when the porches have been lit up. It creates a magical view.
We visited the roman temples at the square and it was worth the visit. The designs and the appearance of the temples were wonderful. Great atmosphere and even better during the night.
We visited the square and had a great time at the restaurant which we sat to have some drinks with my friends. Unforgettable moments as we loved the people at the place and had good service.
The spaces were quite inviting with enough room for large groups ofpeople to meet and have a conversation, host cultural events, and have family fun as we had.
I really enjoyed cycling around this square. Just admiring the architectural design of the buildings nearby. The are plenty of shops, cafes and eateries where one can have a taste of local Croatian food.
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