The island of skoljic


Until recently, the islet of Shkoljich was connected to Vir and was an integral part of it during low tide. According to the idea of ​​Shibenik engineer Fran Zavore, a versatile Dalmatian builder from 1811 to deepen Gaz, it was finally realized in 1904 when it started deepening between the islets of Shkoljich and the Privlaka peninsula. And all because of the shortening of the sea route from the Velebit Channel through Fortica to Zadar and ensuring safer navigation through this passage. After the deepening of this sea route, a signalization was set up for safer navigation. The signalization consisted of five large concrete blocks between the narrowest part in the Shkoljich area and two concrete blocks with bollards, at the exit from the canal, which are still preserved today. 

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The island is rich in history, thanks to the tour guides who left no information untouched. I loved how the locals were accommodative. They even gave us souvenirs to take back home as a present for visiting the island.
Great atmosphere at the island and we enjoyed scenic views of the sparkling sea. We enjoyed a cruise across the sea and the visit to the island was among the best things that we had for our vacation.
We were here with my friends for the summer holiday and the island was not crowded. The adrenaline activities we tried were involving and engaging. It is the best place for team building events.
It is surrounded by a dense pine forest. The sea waters are calm and clean thus feel good to swim in. The beach has provided a great place for tourists to enjoy the scenery. It is frequented by a number of tourists and is definitely a good place to meditate.
The beauty of this island lies on the sea roue where a signal has been set up for safer navigation in 1904. The signals consists of five large concrete blocks on the narrowest part of the sea and two blocks with bollards at the exit of the canal which have been well preserved. We took a boat ride to see all these.
very good!!!
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