Croatian Natural History Museum


One of the largest museums in Croatia, founded in 1846, is located on the ramparts of the Upper Town in a noble palace. The museum has a wide collection of 1.5 million exhibits distributed in its departments, which have been collected through the long history of the museum both in Croatia and on other continents. In addition to being a national center for natural sciences, it also has a rich library with over 40,000 titles.

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Demetrova ul. 1, 10000, Zagreb


(8 reviews)
very good!!!
The croatian museum is small and great. My kids and Iiked it so much. Great placeto spend time.
The place is wonderful. I saw a variety of maritime species. An exemplary maritime paradise.
I visited the museum and it was big with alot of exhibit and amazing history that is displayed which is interesting. I loved how things are organized and the guide was spectacular and detailed.
Touring this place was captivating. I got to know about my country's history. I was able to go through some of the journals
I loved every inch of this place. It has a wonderful collection of specimens and historical data, and also a large library and much more. it is a must visit place for anyone coming to croatia
few museums boast of such a collection of ancient artefacts from all over the world. it was exciting for mys son who is an enthusiast of history to view the collections, and the books, a readers paradise. its definitely a must visit
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