Atelier Mestrovic


An art museum filled with works by the world-famous sculptor Ivan Meshtrovich, who, in addition to Zagreb, worked in Paris, London, Vienna and Rome. From many works and commissions, the sculptor embodied sculptures that are very valuable today, and some of the most famous present Croatian history, such as the Well of Life or the History of the Croats. After his death, the museum, which was also his home where he settled with his wife, donated to the city of Zagreb together with over 300 of his sculptures, which are now in the permanent exhibition of the museum.

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Mletačka ul. 8, 10000, Zagreb


(13 reviews)
The building is beautiful and had an amazing structure that is eye catching. The sculptures are properly staged at the place and it looks fantastically arranged. The parking space is adequate and i loved my experience at the place.
Touring this place was therapeutic. The architectural design of this place was stunning. I enjoyed seeing the beautiful sculptures whose beauty cannot be expressed in words.
I was perplexed by the glass gallery that offered a clear sight to the amazing Meshtrovich sculptures. We enjoyed the tour around as we got to learn of the history of the sculptures and the sculpture himself.Beautiful place and an unforgettable experience viewing at the place.
I enjoyed viewing the artwork of Ivan Meshtrovich that were all over this location. I will definitely revisit this location again.
very good!!!
A known place with numerous sculptures. It was wonderful looking at the art and architecture of the sculptors in Atelier Meshtrovich. A great place.
One of the best places that i visited and i had an amazing time at the museum. I loved the sight of the beautifully sculptures that were exhibited at the place and it was a lovely place to visit. Good times and remarkable place to go to.
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