Zaklopatica is a wooded bay located on the north side of the south Dalmatian island of Lastovo. It is only 2 km from the interior of Lastovo and 7 km from the ferry port Ubli. In addition to about 15 houses and three restaurants, the island offers plenty of sun and crystal clear sea. Zaklopatica, like the rest of Lastovo, is a paradise for divers and boaters who can enjoy the famous beauties of the Lastovo archipelago and its magnificent bays. A rare bird species, Puffinus yelkouan, also nests on the islet of the same name.

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very good!!!
It was a paradise for me and my colleagues, we went for diving in the crystal clear sea as we loved touching the underneath of the waters. The kids were elated to see birds of a rare species and they were given food to feed them , i could see happiness all over their faces. While at the restaurant where we took delicious meals, the sun rays radiated the restaurant room with its dazzling rays.
This bay is surrounded by wooded vegetation. It waters is deep. I enjoyed diving into its waters. It was a wonderful experience. I also enjoyed boat riding. This town is really small so the environment is quiet and peaceful
Cruising through the bay on a boat was one of the things i loved most about my trip at Zaklopatica. The tour guide was fun and friendly and informed us of all the birds that we went watching across the bay on the tour.
This place is like paradise especially for those who love diving. I enjoyed diving in the beautiful and crystal-clear sea. I also enjoyed sun bathing here.