Zaklopatica is a wooded bay located on the north side of the south Dalmatian island of Lastovo. It is only 2 km from the interior of Lastovo and 7 km from the ferry port Ubli. In addition to about 15 houses and three restaurants, the island offers plenty of sun and crystal clear sea. Zaklopatica, like the rest of Lastovo, is a paradise for divers and boaters who can enjoy the famous beauties of the Lastovo archipelago and its magnificent bays. A rare bird species, Puffinus yelkouan, also nests on the islet of the same name.

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very good!!!
Being a lover of birds, I toured this place to see the different types of birds that were here. I saw many types of birds and took many beautiful pictures and videos. I later went boating and diving. I loved this place.
The boat ride to the island was really heart racing for me, it was my first time travelling that long distance on a boat,the place was really good for swimming and diving, the restaurants there offered really great cuisines and the view of the sea and distant light on the main land was great, i loved the experience
Zaklopatica is an amazing phenomenon; i loved the beautiful view of the rare bird species, the Puffinus Yelkouan which nests on the islets. The inhabitants were friendly and welcoming,got a chance to taste the delicious meals made in the restaurant and they were something to live for.I loved this place
I loved.sunbathing on the sun lounger in the island because of the plenty sun. I went for diving wit my fiance and the view down there is amazing, the crystal clear water made it easy for us to see the fauna and flora. The beauty was remarkable.
The weather on this bay is so lovely. I loved how the sun just shines above it. Its waters are really deep so it is a perfect diving spot. It is a really calm bay with plenty of boats and yachts. It a was such a relaxing visit.
This a perfect bay for diving.Its waters are really deep. I loved spending time here. Its waters were really cool. The environment was so serene and calm. It is a good place to relax and unwind.