Island of Lastovo


Lastovo and the surrounding islands make up the Lastovo Islands Nature Park, one of eleven nature parks in Croatia. 70% of this group of islands is covered with trees, which makes Lastovo the second most 'ancient' Croatian island (after Mljet).

The island is also called the ‘island of bright stars’, with astrologers declaring it the most beautiful starry sky in all of Europe. This is due to the island having one of the darkest skies on the continent, as well as due to low light pollution. With this feature, the island simply invites you to visit it, and you will keep the memory of it for the rest of your life, telling the story of the perfect blend of bright stars and blue crystal sea.

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very good!!!
There is always an adventure to go to in Lastovo. My boyfriend and I delighted in taking walks along the beautiful streets and wine tasting the exotic wines. It was a memorable experience!
I had a great time scuba diving and snorkeling on this beautiful island. The pristine waters were perfect and I caught glimpses of huge sea creatures. By the end of the trip, I was deeply satisfied with the trip.
We always come here with my family to have a relaxing summer trip. We rent the beautiful apartments that have cozy rooms and marvelous views of the Adriatic sea. This year we are even bringing our friends to experience this paradise island.
Lastovo island is a magical place to visit. It has lovely beaches with sandy sea floors and rocky backgrounds. I enjoyed taking long walks along the beautiful coastline. This island is very serene.