Pasadur is a village on the west side of the island, which is partly located on the main island of Lastovo, and partly on the neighboring island of Prezba. It is connected by a bridge that separates Vejo and Malo Lago at the same time. An interesting islet Makarac is located in Veja Lag. Pasadur is a favorite location for boaters as a safe bay protected from all winds and a favorite promenade for visitors to the island. The only hotel on Lastovo is located on Pasadur

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very good!!!
Located on the main Island of Lastovo, this town is really quite popular among the boaters. I loved it promenade. It offers a good view of the town. The accommodation facility in the town was so wonderful and splendid
The boats on the bay were colourful and many in number, I loved watching the arrangement on the docks. The wind also blew swiftly, i found myself totally relaxed at this place. It was very spiritual for me especially just gazing at the blue waters
The islet was very beautiful, the food in the hotel was also well cooked. I also loved taking long walks along the bridge during the day and the promenade during the night it was well lit and very safe. I enjoyed it.