Skrivena luka – Portorus


Skrivena Luka, better known as Portorus among the islanders, is located on the south side of the island of Lastovo and is one of the largest and most beautiful bays on the island. As its name suggests, it is hidden from view from the open sea, thus providing protection to boaters from strong winds and rough seas. In the middle of the south side of the island of Lastovo, at the sea entrance to the bay Skrivena luka, there is Cape Struga, where the lighthouse of the same name was built in 1839. Due to its distance from the shore, it seems lonely, so it seems as if it is immersed in the blue of the sky and the open sea. The lighthouse is located at an altitude of 90 m, on the edge of a steep cliff with a beautiful view of the open sea.Beautiful viewpoints and easy access to the sea through the pine forest on the north side of the lighthouse make this tourist destination very attractive.

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very good!!!
We went to one of the viewpoints here and had a wonderful view of the town below. It was amazing to look below and see the town and the people going about their day-to-day activities. We had a delicious meal in a small well kept a tavern.
I was glad i came to this peaceful place, I enjoyed the views of this place. The boat ride was amazing i got to see the lighthouse up close as i had never seen one, i got some amazing stories from the boat driver as well. It was a lovely visit
I loved the location of the Portorus; it's hidden from the sea view which protects the boaters from strong winds and rough sea.The pine forest added beauty to the island that made it easier to access the sea. It's a place that i must revisit.
The lighthouse at Cape Struga was wondrous because of it's distance from the shore which made it look like it was immersed in the sky and the sea. I learned of its history of having been built in 1839.The sightseeing of the beautiful views of the island from the lighthouse is amazing breathtaking.
This bay is known for its beautiful viewpoints of the sea. Its environment is so serene. I loved spending some quality time here. Sailing on its waters is something I cannot describe in words. It was marvelous
This bay is so magical. I really enjoyed my visit to this place. It was really worth it. Spending time by the sea is so wonderful. The people were really hospitable and I would recommend one to take a boat ride.