Ubli or Uble is a village located on the southwest side of the island, best known as the ferry port of the island of Lastovo with connections to the island of Korcula, Hvar, Split and Dubrovnik.In the settlement there is a single-nave Christian basilica from the 5th century dedicated to St. Peter. Among the numerous finds in the basilica, there is a famous early Christian relief depicting a cross and two lambs, the original is stored in the Archaeological Museum in Zadar. After archaeological research, the basilica has been preserved and is considered a monumental ensemble of the highest category.

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We took a ferry boat at this place and the whole trip was awesome as we explored through the beautiful island. The Christian Basilica offered us with the spiritual nourishment that we craved for. The Archaeological museum had lots of artefacts and archaeological remains and items that were worth our visit.
The nature park at this place was wonderful. The lush greenery and the beautiful rocky slopes were such a sight to behold. The fresh air from the valley below was refreshing. I loved my stay here.
A place one can learn something, the main attraction the nave-Christian basilica from way in the past. The feel of the past in the presence makes the visit exciting. The ferry ride to the various interesting lands connecting to Hubli is also fine and just thrilling. A nice place to visit.
very good!!!