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Shoderica is the most famous and most visited lake located in Koprivnica-Krizhevci County, about 500 meters from the beautiful banks of the Drava River. The lake was artificially created at the end of the 19th century, and in the 1960s it developed into a well-known tourist destination in the area.

To this day, Shoderica remains a popular destination for recreation in untouched nature and is a favorite place for swimming, and attracts all those looking for fun and recreation. During the scorching summer heat, entire families move to the shores of the lake to find refuge from the melting of hot asphalt and stuffy rooms under the dark treetops.

Many projects that have improved tourism in Shoderica have enabled co-financing through various European Union projects. Although there is currently a camp and a well-known weekend resort, a hostel is currently under construction and a project is underway to build a promenade that will stretch from Lazin to Ribichki dom, along the coast and the beach. Along the promenade there are benches and public lighting, as well as children's playgrounds. In addition, there are educational boards showing animal and plant species in the area of ​​Shoderica. Also, at the beginning and end of the trail there are lookouts for bird watching. Shoderica is not only an attractive destination in summer but also in winter because it becomes home to many swans in the winter months that bring great joy to children.

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Weekend resort Shoderica
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very good!!!
I and my friends had a memorable trip to this resort. We delighted camping in the lush outdoors and lighting fires at night. Here we held beautiful conversations deep into the night enjoying the sounds of the crickets and gazing at the stars. It's a magical destination.
This resort is very popular with nature lovers. Its undisturbed nature is just supernatural. The sunsets are equally magical. I can't wait to bring my friends on the next visit to enjoy this exceptional resort.
Our visit to Weekend resort Shoderica was very fascinating. My friends and i really enjoyed swimming in the beautiful lake and admiring the mystical surroundings. We really had a great time.
This resort is a magical place to visit. I especially loved sitting along the river banks and admiring the meandering river and clear waters. I took some really nice pictures here. It's worth a visit.
This is a very nice recreational spot to visit as it has fun activities for the whole family. My kids enjoyed watching the beautiful birds especially the swans swimming in the lake. I recommend it for a fun family outing.
My children loved our trip to this resort and have been wanting to visit again. They particularly loved playing in the neatly trimmed playing grounds where they enjoyed their games under the pleasant weather. I shall bring them very soon.