The island of Banjol


Banjol is a small island west of Rovinj. . It is 14 m high, its coast is mostly inaccessible, except for a small part on the west side where the cave is, partly below sea level, about 5 m deep. At the end of the underwater pit is a tunnel, wide enough for an equipped diver to pass through, through which it emerges into the shallows. From the air it looks like a puddle in a stone hatch. This natural attraction is a favorite diving resort.In the literature, Banjol is also called Isola (dei) Piloti - an island of pilots, former sailors specialized in guiding ships on the route to Venice, who boarded at that position.

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The promenade there is like no other in European destinations I have been to. It actually gives a stunning view of the old town and the sea at sunset.
I never knew the finest olive oil is processed in the island till I landed. For someone who would like the taste of sage honey, this is also the place.
My lover and I loved taking strolls and excursions all over the island. We found the old buildings magical and enchanting, and we experienced history first-hand in the island.
We really enjoyed holidaying there. I loved the food, especially the sardines. Every evening, we would chat happily with other tourists while having coffee by the cafes in the promenade.
The island has the coolest swimming spots on its beaches. I was amused while watching families enjoy their vacation here in peace. It surely is a family-choice destination.
My travel partners and I went camping and we really liked it. We played various sporty games and had good times. We sang all night and enjoyed quality local wine.
We were treated to the most romantic nights while on our honeymoon there. Was stunned that we could choose from apartments, luxury villas to exquisite hotel rooms!!